Best school App

DigiEdu is one of the best useful school management mobile app with all the features required for school management system.

  • Device Independant-You can manage all the database of school from anywhere at anytime. It is not device dependent as it works on the cloud-based system.
  • Social Connectivity-You can provide school location and all social connectivity information to users in the app.
  • Admin Module- Admin can customize dashboard for its teachers, parents, and student by providing permission for various features. DigiEdu can also make changes in the app according to the requirement of school.
  • Notification-Schools can easily send a notification to every individual in a single click from anywhere and anytime. This notification would be available on individual mobile. This makes an easy and quick connection with the busy parents and even assure them with the security of their child.

Thus this DigiEdu school app will help in bringing a huge change in your school management system with the increased speed of work along with monetary saving.

School App Features

  • Time-saving-

    Old convention strategy for pen paper is time-taking, these days everything is conceivable through fingers in almost no time. This school management software is easy to use, less time consuming and eco-friendly.

  • Easy data retrievable- 

    It is associate android primarily based school management application that automates the conventional tasks for a teacher and allows communication between teacher and Students/parents.



  • Easy mode of communication-

    Regardless of the way that school management application is about the organization, yet it can make it simple to speak with the parents, guardians, students.

    This is all conceivable with the assistance of school application which is a part of school management software.

  • Timetable-

    Allocate enrollments to classes, allot teachers to various grades, allot subject periods to each class, decide the strength for each class and assign classrooms using our scheduling software.


DigiEdu App has working dairy forum where students learn and practice. This is a total course of events perspective of educational, expenses, comes about related data being sent by the school all the time. It is used for update the report of the student behavior and the activities in the school to the parents and also about the given work in the class and what need to be done.



Monitor your school students’ attendance and track the attendance of your class conveniently with relative ease using our school attendance software.

Easily track the students absent for that particular day from the biometric data and send an SMS to the parents notifying the same using our attendance tracking software.

Ensure perfect attendance in your school by tracking the attendance of every single student or of the class and generate reports of the same on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


This feature is useful to know the work given to the students in the class to do after the school hours every day.

Features of Homework

  • Creation of Homework
  • Evaluation of Homework
  • Report view of Homework
  • Instant notification to parents and student


Message module in DigiEdu school management app helps in sending messages to all parents and alerting them with respect to student’s attendance, fee payment, events, holidays, parent-teacher meeting etc.

Chatting and Group conversation

DigiEdu is provided this facility using which school management can interact with teachers by forming groups and discuss matters of importance.

Unlimited groups

By using this feature in DigiEdu school management can create unlimited groups including class-related, extracurricular, activity-based groups and consistently interact with the teachers in the groups.


Get the files of your school's photographs, recordings, Photographs - Create boundless collections and photographs for all the fun youngsters have in your school. Be it that extraordinary outing or occasions like the annual function, Republic day, Independence Day and the NCC camp held in the school. In the gallery, you can also check the images of the school and its interior and the exterior view with the help of images uploaded to the gallery by the school management.



DigiEdu App will send you the notifications about events like parent-teacher meeting (PTM), annual function, Republic day, Independence Day, etc. And give you the updates about the events. That occurs in the school by the school management or any events or science exhibitions that have participated by the students of the school will be informed.